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OPENING OF x5 on 08.03.24 at 20:00 Moscow time!

We invite you to take part in an exciting adventure around the world Multeria.com .

VERNAL [OPEN 08.03.24] X5
Server Description
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SUMMER [OPEN 28.07.23] X10
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Less than 6 hours before the start!

The launch of the x5 server is scheduled for March 19, 2021 at 20: 00 Moscow Time.
There are less than 6 hours left before the server starts! All preparations for the launch are completed!
Registration is open, you can download the patch in the site files!


End of OBT and Start

The OBT was successful and came to the final!
The server starts on 19.03.21 at 20: 00 Moscow time! Registration of master akkuns after OBT is not required - you will only need to register a new game account.
The starting patch will be available on 19.03.21 at 12: 00 Moscow time!


OBT Is Running!

OBT will last until 17.03.21 18: 00 Moscow time.
The server will start on 19.03.21 at 20: 00 Moscow Time
Stages of the OBT here

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